About BARE

Created by Michelle Waite in 2007 in the small town of Broke NSW, BARE Nature’sKin products will leave your skin & soul feeling nourished and alive.

Michelle’s organic and sustainable way of living flow in to her products. She harvests her own herbs, flowers, seeds, minerals and will make use of any other gift nature provides. Whether she is milking her goats or tending to her pigs, this woman leaves you deeply inspired about what is truly possible when we become one with nature.

“Shelby is the most efficient four leaf clover finder ever born!”

Michelle’s family owns a beautiful olive grove close to Broke village involving her in olive production for the past 18 years. During this time Michelle has gained a broad knowledge of the health benefits provided by the olive tree, inspiring her to harness the natural gifts of the tree and create Bare Nature'sKin to share with you. The BARE Nature’sKin range of handmade olive oil, goats milk soaps and skin care products are produced with locally-sourced ingredients and a whole lot of love.

Customers regularly visit her boutique shop in Broke Fordwich and view the various stages of soap and skin care product manufacturing, letting them feel part of the process. 

Michelle’s shop is the centre of her country community, an experiential place where her knowledge is shared openly and a solution to individual needs is found or created. If your passing by or you make BARE Nature’sKin your destination drop in and absorb the goodness, the door is always open!